CWVTELFCU - Clarksburg, WV


We heard your desires loud and clear...and now it's here! When you sign into your online banking for the first time after January 26th, 2015, you will immediately be directed to a disclosure for a new service we have added to home banking. This new service is called "shared accounts." This service will give you the ability to allow specific people access to your account information. You will need to "accept/agree" to the disclosures to navigate through to online banking even if you decide to not take advantage of the service. Accepting/Agreeing to this disclosure doesn't "sign you up", it simply alerts you to the new service within your current online banking product.

We will never call you to verify your debit or credit card information over the phone. If you receive a telephone call asking you to verify you debit or credit card information Do Not give out the numbers on your card. Please telephone our office with any questions or concerns you have regarding you accounts or your plastic cards.

Fall in love with online banking all over again!!! We've made changes to your online banking platform that will give you more choice, freedom, and convenience than ever before. With quick access to the activities that matter most to you, you can now customize your home banking experience to fit your needs. It's online banking...just the way you want it!

Electronic Statements and Electronic Notifications are here!! You will be prompted to sign up for both the next time you log into your Home Banking/Netbranch Banking account. Just click on the "accept"'s that easy! Your statement will be available the first business day of the month so there will be no more waiting for the mail. All statements will be in .pdf file format, so should you decide you want a paper copy, just click, and print. Please call us if you have any questions.

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